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Asbestos Helper

February 02, 2019 / by Paddy Blevins

Can Asbestos Be Found In Artex

Get In Touch With Amianto For Expert Artex Removals

This is an incredibly popular alternative, specifically if the Artex has deep grooves. You find Artex on ceilings however it can be on walls too.

In What Way Is The Asbestos In Artex Disturbed?

Supplying the artex is in a great condition and you're not planning to sand, grind or chip the material prior to plastering it needs to be totally safe for you to either skim over it with a new layer of plaster or cover it with a layer of plasterboard, more asbestos knowledge through Affordable Asbestos Removal Norfolk (affordable-asbestos-removal-norfolk.co.uk). Artex is a trade name for a type of textured coating commonly found on walls and ceilings in homes and organisations throughout the UK. One of its most common uses remained in textured coatings, such as artex, which was used to produce ornamental appearances on ceilings and walls. Asbestos was lastly prohibited for use in building and construction materials in 199 If you are preparing to have building or upkeep work done on your home, and the artex is most likely to be disrupted, you need to have a refurbishment and demolition asbestos study done. Therefore, old Artex made by Artex Ltd prior to this time will consist of asbestos. The only method to know for particular is to have it evaluated for asbestos fibres. You can do this yourself if part of the material has currently broken off or if there's no opportunity of the asbestos polluting the house. This survey will recognize if asbestos exists. To be entirely positive in its makeup, a sample will need to be taken and checked. Asbestos-cement roofing sheets, gas flues, rainwater pipes and cold-water cisterns were likewise being commonly installed up until around that time. Health threats increase when asbestos in textured finishings dries and becomes old and brittle.